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    Supertech has successfully commissioned numerous projects across wide range of process industry. With 33 years of experience in instrumentation and automation field has made supertech a name to recron with ! Project be it small or big, domestic the available financial and human resources and has yet offerd quality products and consistent performance.

    1. Fine Organics Industries Pvt. Ltd
    2. Clean Science and Technology Pvt. Ltd
    3. Dyna Glycols Pvt. Ltd.
    4. Esteem Industries Pvt Ltd.
    5. Fosroc Chemicals Limited
    6. Viswaat Chemicals Ltd.
    7. BASF India Ltd.
    8. Tristar Intermediates Ltd.
    9. Indoamines
    10. Huntsman International India
    11. Veeral Additives Pvt.Ltd.
    12. Dai IchiKarkkaria Ltd.
    13. PI Industries
    14. Inventys Research Company
    15. Tytan Organics Ltd.
    16. Tytan Organic Chemicals FZE
    17. Unitop Chemicals Pvt Ltd.
    18. Name of Company: BASF India Ltd
    19. Sequent Scientific Ltd.
    20. Lanxess India Pvt. Ltd.
    21. Sudarshan Chemical Industries
    22. Gujarat Alkali & Chemicals Ltd
    23. VVF Ltd.
    24. Standard Alkali Ltd
    25. Deepak Fertilizers Ltd.
    26. Mangalore Chemicals & Fertilisers Ltd.

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