Energy Monitoring Solutions

Energy is a critical input to process industries. It is a major cost and must be minimized through efficient monitoring and control. Disruptions impact the productivity and safety. Regulations are getting stricter and the penalties for noncompliance are getting heavier. Supertech is “EcoXpert” Critical Power Certified Alliance Partner with Schneider Electric and offers the world’s best and most advanced solutions for Energy Management based on “EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert” and “EcoStruxure Power SCADA Operations”.

Supertech has major installations of PME/ PSO at M/S Kansai Nerolac Paints, Berger Paints, CeatTyres, Fine Organic, Clean Science & Technology, Nuclear Fuel Complex (DRDO) etc. The systems are integrated with DCS for generation of advanced energy reports linked with production such as specific energy consumption.

Eco Struxure Power Monitoring Expert (PME)
Eco Struxure Power Monitoring Expert (PME) simplifies management of complex power systems. It brings unique new capabilities that protect people and assets, keeps operations running and saves time and money. As a key element in an EcoStruxure Power solution, PME takes full advantage of IoT connectivity and distributed intelligence to help maximize your uptime and operational efficiency:

  • Smart events and alarm clustering for intuitive filtering, searching and categorization of events and alarms
  • Graphical timelines easily analyze event and alarm sequence, location and potential impact
  • Advanced energy visualization analysis tools calculate, model, forecast and track energy performance indicators (EnPIs)
  • Compliant with IEC62443 cybersecurity standards, for even the most demanding IT environments

For details and demo of the PME, please click on the following link:

Eco Struxure Power SCADA Operations
Eco Struxure Power SCADA Operation (PSO) is engineered to help facilities like data centers, hospitals, industries, airports and electro intensive operations maximize uptime. As a key element of EcoStruxure Power, PSO is a SCADA system uniquely designed for large electrical distribution applications. With rich data integration from connected devices, PSO’s unique capabilities provide realtime situational awareness, and offer a high performance, cyberresilient solution for your power network:

  • Modern runtime graphics and alarming accessible anywhere, anytime with any modern web browser
  • Manage microgrid scenarios in real time even the most demanding multisource electrical networks Improve safety via active arc flash notifications
  • Certified compliance with IEC 62443 international cybersecurity standards

For details and demo of the PSO, please click on the following link: