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    Batch management solutions are based ISA S88 Batch Standard. It provides flexible, recipe based semi or fully automated batch process operation. After every batch, reports for batch log, raw material consumption, quality parameters, energy consumption etc. are automatically generated. The batch data is stored in MS SQL Server database. Apart from the standard batch reports, batch to batch comparison of performance with the golden batch for defined KPIs such as batch cycle time, raw material consumption, energy consumption, quality parameters etc. are available. For advanced reporting MES is used along with Batch Management System. The Batch Management System can also be connected to ERP system. The block production plan and master recipes are received from the ERP. Batch Management System will schedule the batches accordingly and after execution of each phase in the batch, corresponding batch and process data will be posted in the ERP system. This will ensure consistency in the batch operation, uniform product quality, minimise wastage and energy consumption, create authentic tamper-proof records for statutory compliance, eliminate human error and provide on-line data for managing the inventory, supply chain and production schedules.

    Supertech offers two Batch Management Solutions – SUPERBatch and InBatch. Both the solutions are based on ISA S88 Batch Standard and can be seamlessly integrated Schneider Automation systems.

    “SUPERBatch” is developed indigenously by Supertech based on their long experience in automating batch processes. It is a proven and cost-effective solution based on ISA S88 Batch Standard and can be used for both simple and complex batch operation. It consists of five modules – Plant Editor, Recipe Engine, Batch Scheduler, Batch Execution and Report viewer. It utilizes Schneider’s Vijeo Historian for storing the batch data. The advantage is that both the process data as well as the phase wise batch data is stored in the same SQL database integral with the Historian. It makes the batch management simpler and cost-effective.

    “Wonderware® InBatch” is control system independent batch management software from Schneider Electric that can be used for the most complex batching processes that require a high level of flexibility. Equipped with easy-to-use recipe configuration tools, process engineers can quickly create or change recipe procedures and formulas without requiring any expertise in the underlying control systems. InBatch’s uniqueness is in its process capabilities model, which goes beyond ISA-88 to include transfer phases. This enables the batch engine to manage flexible product paths, allowing simultaneous multi-product and multi-stream batch execution on shared equipment. Built-in security and material management capabilities including material consumption, movements and inventory levels contribute to a comprehensive Electronic Batch Record (EBR) and reduce the cost to comply with industry regulations. For more information on Wonderware InBatch, please click on the following Link:

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