• Advanced Process Automation System "PlantStruxure"
  • Advanced Automation Solutions for Batch Process Industries – Resins, Polymers, Paints, API, Food, Specialty Chemicals, Agrochemicals etc.
  • Process Data Analysis and Advanced Reporting using Historian
  • Asset Management System for Instruments & Electrical Equipment
  • MES Solutions
  • Integration with ERP
  • Intelligent MCC, VFD and Soft-starter panels for all Process Industries
  • Energy Monitoring SCADA
The institution has facilities for following courses:
Design & Specification
  • Study of Process and Define Automation Requirements
  • Update P&I diagrams with final instrumentation
  • Design appropriate Automation system architecture
  • Selection of sensors, transmitters,valves,automation system and accessories
  • Prepare instrument specification sheets
Procurement Assistance
  • Prepare list of approved vendors
  • Floating of enquires
  • Bid evaluation & recommendation
  • Preparation of draft purchase orders
  • Expediting
  • Approval of vendor drawings
  • Inspection at vendors works
Detailed Engineering
  • Instrument location plan
  • Cable schedule
  • Junction Box schedule
  • Network diagram
  • Instrument Hook-up diagrams
  • Bill of Material for Erection
  • Instrument Installation Tender
  • Loop Diagrams
  • Logic Diagrams
  • PAS graphic displays
  • PAS alarm groups, trend groups
  • Reports
Installation and Commissioning
  • Installation Supervision
  • Measurement & Certification of Contractor's invoices
  • Commissioning Assistance
Supertech is "Plantstruxure" certified Alliance Partner of Schneider Electric.

PlantStruxureTM is a collaborative system that allows industrial and infrastructure companies meet their automation needs and at the same time deliver on growing energy management requirements. In a singleenvironment, measured energy and process data can be analysed and usedto yield a holistically optimised plant. VijeoCitect, a so Collaborative software, is the operating and monitoring component of PlantStruxure. With its powerful visualisation capabilities and operational features, it delivers actionable insight faster, enabling operators to respond quickly to process disturbances for increased effectiveness.

Scalable for changing times From tens of I/O to hundreds of thousands, it means that you can start out small and grow as your requirements change.

Flexible because your process is unique. It supports the architectures that you need for your application. Single site, multiple sites, distributedcontrol, local control, discrete, process, safety, batch - all within the one system.

Integrated to reduce risk From devices to MES all of the system components are designed to work together with each other and with our chosen technology partners.

Collaborative to increase efficiency It is open to exchange information with other plant and business software, and fosters an environment of collaboration by delivering the process information you need in the way that you like to see it.

PlantStruxure provides powerful graphics for comprehensive plant visualisation, an easy-to-navigate operator interface for greater efficiency, real-time operation and analysis tools for smarter decision making, true remote monitoring and diagnostics for operator freedom and productivity, the latest technology support and features for a secure investment.

PlantStruxure enables you to prioritise, act and operate processes more efficiently. The increased efficiency in your production system that is gained through the monitoring and control features of PlantStruxure means higher productivity, lower costs and increased profitability for your business.

PlantStruxure provides a consistent control and operational interface witha real-time view of the process to increase operator efficiency and reduce training needs.

PlantStruxure simplifies system navigation is key to providing operators with the right information at the right time. The layout of the PlantStruxure operational interface is intuitive in order to facilitate fast access to any graphics page within the system.So whether it is alarm, trend, graphics or system diagnostics information – it is only a few mouse clicks away.

Analyse the cause of process upsetsquickly and easily

Process Analyst features, within VijeoCitect, allows users to combine alarm and trend data in one integrated display for faster analysis. When analysing the cause of process disturbances or when trying to improve productivity in the process, the comparison of alarm and trend data is essential. While sophisticated analysis tools are available in data historians, Process Analyst is unique because it is an intuitive process analysis tool that sits directly in the system itself. It delivers actionable insight to the users and gives them the ability to immediately modify process conditions to achieve the desired results.

PlantStruxure allows users to save preconfigured views and "favourite views" within Process Analyst in order to make it easy for them to access the information they need, this helps to improve their efficiency and productivity.


Trends are a seamless combination of real-time and historical data. When users display a trend page, they can monitor the current activity as it happens, and simply scroll back through time to view the trend history. The distributed trending system handles large numbers of variables without compromising performance or data integrity.Operators can choose from a selection of preconfigured trend pages that provide clear data representation with customisable views for quick and simple trend analysis.

Alarms and events

An efficient alarm system allows users to quickly isolate and identify faults within the system or process, thereby reducing plant downtime. The PlantStruxure alarm system is fast and reliable, providing them with detailed information about the status of the plant. Alarms are displayed on dedicated alarm pages, with the most recent alarms visible at all times in the alarm banner on every page. Working in conjunction with the controller or RTU, alarms are time-stamped with precision to one millisecond where available. This accuracy can be essential when differentiating between alarms that occur in rapid succession.

Sensors Transmitters and Valves play a very important role in the successful functioning of an automation system with increasing level of automation, the number of sensors, transmitters and valves is increasing fast. In conventional systems each of these elements need a pair of wires to connect to the automation systems. It is becoming increasingly difficult to accommodate the large cabling. It has therefore become almost mandatory to use intelligent transmitters based on advanced bus technologies such as Foundation Fieldbus, Profibus, Modbus, ASI, Ethernet, Canopen etc.

At Supertech, we offer best-in-class sensors, transmitters, on-off valves and control valves from highly reputed Indian as well global manufacturers.

Some of the reputed manufacturers are as follows:
  • Pressure/Temperature gauges & sensors
  • Intelligent Pressure Transmitters
  • Mass flow meters/Magnetic flow meters
  • Radar Level Transmitters
  • Control Valves
  • On-Off Valves
  • Level Gauges
  • Pyro electric, General Instruments
  • Emerson, Yokogawa, E&H
  • Emerson, E&H
  • Emerson, E&H, Vega
  • Dembla, Samson, Uniflow
  • Delval, Rotex, Virgo
  • R K Dutt, Pune Techtrol